NATALIE SAHLI | BSocSci(Hons)Psychology, PGCE ECD and Foundation Phase

I am passionate about childcare, education and creating an environment that caters to the very special and important needs of each individual child and family. My background in psychology and teaching has equipped me with the skills to develop a family orientated nursery school where each child and family feels special, welcome and cared for. My World is a nursery school in a class of its own- integrating children with various needs and focusing on each child holistically. Our dynamic staff members and team of therapists work together to ensure that My World maintains its high standards of education and quality care.


Cell: 078 638 6875 | Email: natalie@thisismyworld.co.za | Website: www.thisismyworld.co.za



KERRY YATES | BSc. Psych. (Wits) BSc. Hons. Psych. (Unisa) MA. Counselling Psych. (UP) (With Distinction)

“The potential for growth lies within all of us, we sometimes just need to time to discover our hidden capabilities. Therapy is a place where a variety of issues can be discussed in a safe space that allows for this growth. Every person is completely unique with vastly diverse circumstances, contexts and challenges. Rather than one specific approach, I together with my clients, develop a customised and personalised therapeutic approach to help address the specific presenting concern or life challenge that brings the client to therapy. I provide individual therapy for adults, adolescents and children and have a special interest in Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar, Personal Growth, Low Self Esteem, Relationship Difficulties, Eating Disorders,Trauma and Sports Psychology”


Cell: 082 966 3150 | Email: kerry820308@yahoo.co.uk | Website: www.kerryyatespsychologist.wordpress.com



ROSIE KATZEFF | BSc Hons (OT) Salford

“I’m an Occupational Therapist trained in Manchester, UK. Ever since my qualification, I have concentrated on pediatric OT. My special passion is treating children with sensory processing difficulties by means of applying the principles and techniques of Ayres Sensory Integration. In addition, I help children who have difficulties with gross and fine motor skills as well as coordination and muscle tone. My greatest joy is seeing the progress of these children as they progressively improve scholastically and in their interactions with their family and peers.”


Cell: 076 450 2032 | Email: rosiehockman@gmail.com



SARAH TAYLOR | M.A Speech Pathology (WITS)

“With a passion for helping children and ample experience working with young children with varying diagnoses and needs, I feel strongly about the profound influence that early intervention can have as a means of preventing problems throughout a child’s life. If left untreated, speech and language problems can cause social, emotional and academic difficulties. It has been proven that early language abilities are the greatest predictor of academic success. Problems which can occur very early on and may require referral to a speech therapist include delayed speech, feeding and play abilities. I am happy to answer any questions a parent has regarding whether their child should be referred for an assessment. I endeavour to focus my work on empowering parents and teachers by giving them the tools to become actively involved. I love the warm My School environment and feel strongly about treating the child as a “whole”, thereby utilizing the child’s strengths and improving his/her weaknesses. “


Cell: 083 308 9212 | Email: sarahtaylor195@gmail.com



MICHELLE STOWELL | BSc (Physio) WITS | NDT Paediatrics (SANDTA).

Paediatric physiotherapists are trained to understand and treat a wide range of childhood conditions ranging from musculoskeletal to cardiorespiratory and neurological problems. They understand that children learn through play, thus, will design activities to make therapy fun. Treatment is evidence-based therapy committed to optimising a child’s movement, which is achieved by gaining the best muscle and joint function available in the growing body. Physiotherapists work to assist correct skeletal modelling, muscle activation, muscle balance, joint position and general alignment or posture.




Cell: 073 177 2622 | Email: physio4paeds@gmail.com