3 months to mobile infant (approximately 1.5 years of age)


Child to Staff Ratio: 3 to 1

My World believes that all stages of a child’s development are important, but during the first few months of life, an infant needs more one-on-one care. Our well trained caregivers build trust with the infants through giving positive responses to their cries, body language and early verbalization. Along with the use of age appropriate toys, interaction with others, affection from caregivers and outside exploration, your children begin to learn about their world around them. Our Womb2World room offers the best in care, nutrition, stimulation and development for your precious baby while you return to work knowing that your baby is getting the best out there.



1yr – up to 2yrs of age (must be mobile and able to express basic needs).


Child to Staff Ratio 1:6 (excluding qualified nursery school teacher).

The Toddlers2Tyrants program provides a safe, healthy environment in which our children have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of experiences: from paint to climbers, from blocks to riding toys and from stories to play dough. We offer an inclusive environment and accommodate children with special needs who may not fit chronologically into the age group but who do fit in developmentally. Age appropriate materials and experiences are offered daily including outdoor exploration. Language development is emphasized and used throughout all kinds of play and during our during daily routines. We recognize that young toddlers are struggling with issues of dependence versus independence, and so both the security of structure and the freedom of making simple decisions are provided. We support and encourage each child’s emerging physical, intellectual and social skills, making sure that each receives the affection and nurturing necessary for healthy development. The teachers recognize learning is built into activities – but the pressure to learn is not. We believe in a daily routine that follows a predictable pattern and varies only with prior notice. With predictability, the children are able to anticipate the sequence of events – this leads to feelings of control over both their environment and their time. By giving attention to each child’s needs and interests, the teachers are able to “customize” the curriculum and tailor a very personal educational “fit”.  



2yrs – 3yrs of age (must have basic age appropriate concentration skills).


Child to Staff Ratio: 6 to 1 (excluding qualified nursery school teacher).

My World offers challenge and stimulation as these children become more and more self-sufficient. We offer a place that provides warmth and security along with the finger paints and balancing beams, the songs and dress-up clothes, the puzzles and picture books and much more. Since children learn from personal interaction and talking about their experiences, the teacher’s role is to provide an environment that promotes active learning. Active learning occurs when the following ingredients are present: materials for each child, manipulation of those materials, the opportunity to choose what to do with the materials, words chosen and used by the child, and support by teachers or peers that helps the child think about his or her actions. We aim to promote each child’s feelings of independence and competence by providing areas that are well defined, materials that are easily accessible, and both areas and materials that are clearly labelled.    



Grade 000: 3yrs – 4yrs of age.


Child to Staff Ratio: 6 to 1 (excluding qualified nursery school teacher).

At this stage, My World recognizes the enhanced developmental needs of each child and continues to offer cognitive, social, emotional and motor stimulation through a variety of exciting themes and lessons both inside the classroom and within our garden and playgrounds. One-on-one interaction with the teacher enables the opportunity for each child’s unique needs to be fully met and catered for. Children are provided with the opportunities and materials necessary to reach their potential and are supported throughout by a team of professionals and ongoing communication with the child’s family.



Grade 00: 4yrs – 5yrs of age.


Child to Staff Ratio: 6 to 1 (excluding qualified nursery school teacher).

With “big school” fast approaching, My World encourages an increased level of independence and self-confidence in each child through a variety of stimulating activities and ongoing positive reinforcement. All areas of development are covered on an on-going basis and the opportunity for reinforcement and revision is provided within a nurturing and sensitive environment. Our small classes and high child to staff ratio strengthens the important development of interpersonal relationships and enables early intervention when and if necessary. Children are assessed throughout the year and a formal report is produced each term.

Holiday Programs

Exciting holiday programs are offered outside of term time. Well trained staff will take care of your children while they get to experience the creativity of art days, become mini-chefs and have their imaginations stretched with dramatic story telling and magical acts. Holiday programs are offered in April and August. Children aged from 2 – 5 years of age who are not members of My World are welcome to attend our holiday programs. Please contact us for further details.


Sleep-in Saturdays

Finding time to communicate with a spouse, see a movie, do important admin, shop or just relax and sleep in on a weekend is difficult. Finding a qualified and affordable “babysitter” that you and your child feel comfortable with can also be difficult. This is why My World wants to support your family by offering our parents a Sleep-in Saturday. Exciting, age appropriate activities, breakfast and a snack will be provided for your little ones. Parents can be confident that their child is being cared for by experienced child care providers in a safe and nurturing environment, while enjoying well-deserved lie-in. Sleep-in Saturdays take place every second month between 08h30 – 13h00.


Ad-hoc care

Ad-hoc care is offered to parents who need just a few hours of care for their child. These parents can be confident that their children will be cared for in a loving environment by experienced caregivers. The children will be offered age appropriate activities to help promote all areas of development, but focus mainly on social development, since many of these children aren’t around other children in their age group as often as a child in full day child care. Please call for detailed information.  

How can inclusive education work better?

Whoever said it takes a village to raise a child was nothing short of genius. The concept of inclusive education is not a new one. In 1975 the Education for all Handicapped children and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) lead to the declaration that every child with a disability had an inalienable right to education in the most appropriate setting for that child. Since 1994 inclusion has theoretically grown further to be enshrined at the same time that discrimination and segregation have been rejected. However, inclusive education is about the child’s right to participate and every schools duty to accept the child. Essentially inclusion rejects the use of ‘special schools’ or ‘special classrooms’’ to separate learners with disabilities from those without. Fully inclusive schools, which are rare, have to be restructured so that all students learn together. We should be less focused on the label assigned to a particular child and more on the symptom that has an effect on the level of functional ability of the child, the family and ultimately the community and that is why we believe that any child is the responsibility of the community as a whole. ALL children benefit from an inclusive learning environment. When children are part of a learning environment that reflects the similarities and differences of people in the real world, they learn to appreciate diversity and friendships are developed in a space where judgement is absent – an incredible life skill! Mainstream children also tend to show a greater development in moral and ethical principles in an inclusive learning environment. Many children with disabilities however need accommodations in order to participate fully in the classroom. Teachers and other staff need current information, skills training, and even additional staff in order to accommodate these children. Co-teaching is an appropriate service delivery approach in these circumstances whereby a comprehensive team of System Practitioners, Educators, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Psychologists can work together. Teachers and related professionals who are flexible and have good judgement are likely to be successful in this role. This approach increases instructional options, improves educational programmes, reduces stigmatization and provides support for professionals working in this exceptionally challenging field. Although once hailed as a way to increase achievement while decreasing costs, full inclusion does not save money, reduce learner’s needs, or improve academic outcomes. A full set of services and resources is required including well designed, individualized education programmes, professional development of all staff involved, reduced class size and collaboration between teachers, parents and administrators. This philosophy needs to start in pre-schools and day-cares but most importantly within ourselves. 


My World embraces this philosophy completely and would like to journey alongside you and your family if you have children that would benefit by being a part of this way of thinking.