Sarah Taylor

M.A Speech Pathology (WITS)

“With a passion for helping children and ample experience working with young children with varying diagnoses and needs, I feel strongly about the profound influence that early intervention can have as a means of preventing problems throughout a child’s life. If left untreated, speech and language problems can cause social, emotional and academic difficulties. It has been proven that early language abilities are the greatest predictor of academic success. Problems which can occur very early on and may require referral to a speech therapist include delayed speech, feeding and play abilities. I am happy to answer any questions a parent has regarding whether their child should be referred for an assessment. I endeavour to focus my work on empowering parents and teachers by giving them the tools to become actively involved. I love the warm My School environment and feel strongly about treating the child as a “whole”, thereby utilizing the child’s strengths and improving his/her weaknesses.”



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